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Buttigieg Lies Exposed in Demoting the Black Chief of Police

For a long time South Benders have heard that Fmr. Chief Boykins was the subject of a federal investigation and for wiretapping. The facts are now finally out.

1) the department had a policy where there is no presumption of privacy, in fact the line in question had been recorded for many years previously because it was for the head of homicide.

2) The Federal investigation was started by the a member of homidicide to protect himself for being outted as a racist.

3) Despite what Buttigieg says, there were never any charges filed or opened against Chief Boykins.

Yet Buttigieg still to this day runs on the premise he wasn't protecting racists in who are members of the St. Joseph Democrats.

Thank you @erinlaviola for finally bringing all the facts in one place. Maybe Darryl Boykins can get some comfort out of knowing the rest of us know now the #Truth.

You can read the whole story here.

Source: Getty/South Bend Alumni Association Facebook

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