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Reading Lists

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Political Education is vital to the development of all activists and organizers.  It teaches about the past to frame the present, so we can make a better future.  

Check back here for the Political Education Series and Reading Lists that BLMSB is developing for the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.


Art & Justice Curriculum

Led by Dr. Dé Bryant, South Bend BLM hosted a series of five podcasts for individuals interested in exploring the current movement for racial justice through the lens of art. Each episode included a lecture, and interactive Q&A section, and featured art local to South Bend. Episodes centered around topics including: 

1. Identity & Belonging

2. Norms & Normality

3. Desire & Power

4. Faith & Spirituality

5. Loss & Recovery

Explore the curriculum yourself and South Bend art on the Arts & Justice main page. 


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